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KBar Apps develops best in class cellular programs on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows programs.

Now you can do more with the mobile applications that you get from the KBar App Store. Web programs provide functionality like apps you would set up from a CD, but they are always endowed with the latest internet technology. Plus if you are signed into KBar App, you can get access to your favorite web & mobile apps anytime, anywhere.

iPhone App Development

KBar Apps is a top iPhone apps development firm that is providing native & cross-platform iPhone programs to clients across the world.

Android App Development

KBar Apps, an award-winning Android program development firm, is providing best in class mobile programs to all our clients on the global platform.

Cross Platform App Development

KBar Apps is becoming a hybrid mobile app development firm, delivering functionality oriented hybrid programs to international customers.

Mobile Commerce

Following e-commerce, m-commerce (mobile commerce) is paving the way for internet shopping, advertising, and other modern marketing strategies. Due to increasing number of smartphone users, the need for m-commerce is increasing as well. It’s set as “the selling and buying of products and services through mobile/wireless technology and apparatus”. On the lookout for m-commerce for your online shop, speak to us.

Latest News

5 Best Android Apps That Will Never Go Obsolete!

maxresdefault (8)

If there is one place where you can largely witness technology, then it is your mobile play store. You can find apps for every single thing that we do manually today, and with these apps, you can do them mechanically. Our phones have taken up most of our burden, and…

Dump the DRM from iTunes Store Music with DRM Dumpster

Dump the DRM from iTunes Store Music with DRM Dumpster

Since it was introduced a few years ago, the iTunes Store (known originally as the iTunes Music Store until movies and TV shows were added to the downloadable catalog), has almost completely taken over the digital download marketplace, with an estimated marketshare of roughly 70-80 percent of all digital downloads….

DM’s Tracker v1.0 released

We are through the Apple approval process and are live in the App Store with DM’s Tracker. I could not be more proud of what we’ve done there. Basically if you a) play D&D 4th edition and b) are a Dungeon Master that wants an easier way to track initiative…

Kicking off the fun

A few months ago my contract ended. It was in the heart of the holiday season and with our economy experiencing some growing pains there just wasn’t much work to be found. So I did what I did last time the economy turned down, I started my own company. This…

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