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5 Best Android Apps That Will Never Go Obsolete!

If there is one place where you can largely witness technology, then it is your mobile play store. You can find apps for every single thing that we do manually today, and with these apps, you can do them mechanically. Our phones have taken up most of our burden, and they are ready to shoulder our responsibilities. All this has become possible with the launch of various apps that you find in your play store. There is a lifetime for every app and when a better app comes in the previous ones go obsolete. This is how apps function.

However, few apps live beyond their shelf-life. People will never trash them irrespective of what on the app store. So here are some of the apps that fall into this category. Here goes the list.

NFC Task Launcher:

NFC Task Launcher is one the best automation apps of the recent times. It is a free app that you can install on the android app store. You always know that the benefit of using smart gadgets and IOTs is about the automation facility that they cater and now without NFC Task Launcher your automation goes beyond what you expect.

MX Player:

If there is one app in the app store that you lets you play all video formats that are ever written, then it is the MX Player. The sweetest part is that it lets you play videos along with the subtitles, not only the embedded ones but also the videos that have subtitles as a separate source.  Also, the app keeps updating itself, and you are out of bugs all the time.


For all you readers and book lovers out there, Kindle is the best e-reading app that you ever find across different OS app store platforms. Apart from the stories and novels that they carry, you also get to see recopies and hell a lot of other stuff that would otherwise be hard to find and comprehend. That is the reason as to why you have to have the Kindle app. It is simply like carry along a whole library where ever you go.

Postman: SMS spam blocker

Almost all of us know how difficult it is to handle the spam messages that you receive every single day. If spam emails are irritating, messages are much horrible than that. What if you had a postman always in your pocket who will deliver only the essentials ones and kill the spam messages? Wouldn’t that be great? That is what this app does for you. We hope that this is the first app that you are probably going to download out of the five

Gesture Search:

The idea of travelling from keys to touch was quite a leap. But today people a bored with touch as well. They feel the need for an update or at least a quick way to access the apps that they want on the go. So that is why we have Gesture Search app for you on the list. Download this app and fix symbols for apps. You can simply draw the symbols on the home screen to get access to such apps later.

There are plenty of other apps that make your smartphone the smartest one in the world. However, it is quite hard to bring them into the top 5. So these probably are the 5 apps that you must try out immediately.

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