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We’re a husband and wife team who formed a company (KBAR Consulting LLC) because the husband (KB) started doing some consulting in 2008, and the wife (AR) thought it would be more convenient to get paid if we were a company instead of just a couple, so we did. When we opened a business checking account and got one of those stamp things to endorse checks, the wife went around for an afternoon stamping random papers and declaring “Look! We have a business! They gave us a stamp!”

Hopefully you caught the origin of the name, but just in case you didn’t: our initials are KB+AR. When we were building a house in 2007, we realized our initials spelled KBAR, and so we named our very suburban cul-de-sac house “KBAR” as if it were a sprawling ranch where we ran cattle, because we thought it was funny. After we explained the name to her sister and our nieces, her sister bought us a KBAR brand (to use on steaks! How cool is that?), and the nieces started calling us KBAR, as if it were our name instead of the name of our house, which was just totally adorable. So when it came time to name our company, KBAR was really the only candidate.

We’ve both been programmers since the 90’s – him mostly web apps, and her mostly databases. Yes, we know we’re on the old side to be programmers. We like it that we’ve gotten to grow up alongside the internet.

Now we work on iPhone apps. We do our best to keep KBAR a fun and wonder-filled place to work. And together, we work to make useful and entertaining applications that help people do the things they love, a little better.

We welcome feedback, and we’d love to hear from you!