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Kicking off the fun

A few months ago my contract ended. It was in the heart of the holiday season and with our economy experiencing some growing pains there just wasn’t much work to be found. So I did what I did last time the economy turned down, I started my own company. This time I’ve got a great business partner (my wife, Angela). We are working hard on getting some product in your hands soon. Apple willing and if my brain doesn’t burst from learning a new language (I’m looking at you Objective C) then we should be on the road to making mortage payments with the fruits of our own labors.

Meanwhile I’ll keep you in the technical and business loop around this process as we go. Its pretty exciting to be in this role again. I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us to next. I’ll try to keep focused on what it is like to be a small iphone developer and hopefully start a nice conversation around the products we will be releasing. We don’t have any actual release dates or product descriptions yet, but as we move forward this will be the place to check.

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