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Pen and paper tools

This evening I finally got a chance to work on a D&D 4e tool that I’ve been meaning to jump on for a while. Basically we have an on-going house rule that you can spend an action point at the table to allow your most recent roll to become an automatic success. 1s are still failures, but everything else is fair game. I was talking this over with some other DM friends and one of them mentioned a system where they actually use Action Points to do a number of other things.

Here was the list he posted:

Energized: Gain one bonus action point

  • Accurate: +1d6 to attack
  • Powered Up: +1d6 to damage
  • Lucky: Reduce the damage of an enemy hit (even a crit) by half, after damage is rolled
  • Resilient: Turn a failed saving throw into a success
  • Resourceful: Regain a used encounter power before the encounter is up
  • Rescuer: Allow a downed ally to roll a 20 on their death save
  • Quick: Move half your speed, but treat it as a shift, for one round
  • Stalwart: Negate one push, pull, slide or knocked prone effect
  • Sturdy: Gain a bonus healing surge, which you can use immediately, even if you have already used your second wind, or save for later as a standard healing surge

So, with that in mind I’ve created these “power cards” to accommodate. If you like them, feel free to check them out. Let me know what you think of them or if you have any suggestions for making them better.

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